Chanel Ready-to-Wear 2014

Cara Delevingne wearing the opening look of the show

The Chanel fall ready-to-wear collection at Fashion Week in Paris was a unique runway show. The runway was transformed into a grocery store where the models walked down its many isles , and which featured over 100,000 products. The models also sported shopping bags and carts filled with groceries. Each model looked amazing with bright neon eyeliner and a center parted dread lock ponytail.

Karl Lagerfeld‘s objective for this collection was to maintain Chanel’s style and elegance with comfort in mind for women who live busy life’s. When describing the line Lagerfeld said, “I like fashion to be part of daily life and not something cut away from that – Chanel is all about that.” He used pink as a main color pallet for the collection despite him saying,”think pink, don’t wear it.”

In addition to using lace-up boots in the collection, Lagerfeld surprisingly paired metallic sneakers with the model’s outfits. He captured the personalities of several different types of women throughout all of his designs, making it one of his most versatile collections. At the end of the show, the models “shopped” for the Chanel products that filled the shelves of each isle.

What are your thoughts on this Chanel fall ready-to-wear collection by Karl Lagerfeld?


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