Punk style in Fashion

I have always found the styling of punk fashion to be unique and interesting. Punk style was born in the 1970s when people rebelled against pretentious mainstream music and popularized hippie style. People with punk style began wearing dirty second hand clothing including ripped T-shirts, torn jeans and motorcycle jackets. Girls wore ripped fishnets with masculine clothing, including Doc Martens and motorcycle boots, leather and plaid skirts, and ripped band T’s and flannels.

Clothing was usually dull in color and featured political slogans, band names and controversial images silkscreened on T-shirts. Spiked hair, mohawks, and crew cuts, sometimes bleached in bright colors, became popular punk hair styles. The use of safety pins and duck tape as well as bandanas was common in clothing also.

In San Francisco a common punk look included piercings, tattoos, hair dyed bleach blonde or black, and dark nail polish. Both women and men wore lots of black eyeliner, spiked jewelry and chokers. Some girls would even wear dresses made out of trash bags tied with a belt.

Cara Delevingne wearing a punk inspired outfit

There are many different subcategories of punk style such as pop punk, gothic rock, death punk and pop punk. Today celebrities such as Ashlee Simpson, Madonna, Avril Lavigne, and even Miley Cyrus have elements of punk in their style.



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