Highlights of Fashion Week’s Street Style

 I wanted to share more highlights from Fashion Week because I love the original and creative outfits that people wear and because so many trends are based off of street style.

A shot of a model’s hair from the Chanel 2014 ready-to-wear collection in Paris

girl wearing a Heinz ketchup knit turtleneck underneath a motorcycle jacket

 Name brand food products have found their way onto the sweaters, tops, and handbags seen in runway shows and worn on the streets in fashion.

Light denim jeans (a trend this spring) with embroidered figures at Paris Fashion Week


Ada Kokosar in a mid-length skirt, T-shirt, and striped socks with heels

Pleated mid-length skirts are popular this spring and can be found at American Apparel.

Sisters spotted during New York Fashion Week

The girls sported a fun hot pink animal fur scarf, troll doll distressed jeans, the Simpsons inspired scarf and hat and a Chanel tote bag.




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