6 Fun Nail Polishes and Design Tips for Spring

1. Easter egg color nails

Pastel color nails are always popular in spring. Essie brand nail polish is very durable, easy to apply, and has a wide variety of cool colors.

All essie nail polishes are usually $8.50 and can be purchased at most drug stores, Urban Outfitters, or the essie site.


2. Metallic nails

Metallic nails have been big in runway shows this spring, such as in the Nina Ricci and Nicole Miller spring runway shows.

You can find any metallic nail color at essie.com, Sephora, or sallyhanson.com.


3. Beach blocking

If you are having trouble deciding what color to use, color blocking your nail polish colors is the perfect solution and creates a fun pattern that is big this spring.

For best results, use tape when painting a new layer of nail color.


4. Nude nails

For a clean, simple look, nude nail polish is perfect.

This is the Hen Party Girl Lacquer by butter London which can be found here for $15.


5. Scented nails

Just for fun, try adding a fruity flavor to your nails.

Revlon has a unique nail polish that becomes scented when dry. It comes in several shades and can be purchase in drug stores or here on the Revlon site for $4.79.


6. Ombre nails

Ombre nails take only two steps are easy todo. Using a beauty wedge, paint both colors next to each other and transfer it onto your nail. Then, let it dry and apply a final coat.




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