Remembering the Talented Fashion Photogrpher Deborah Turbeville

Deborah Turbeville(1932-2013) was a visionary in the world of fashion photography at Vogue. She began a career as a model and later as the main editor of Vogue. It was not until she went to purchase a camera and film that she found her niche at photography, turning her mistakes into her own style. She began working with fashion photographers whom she had previously worked alongside as an editor. Turbeville is known for her dark style of photography.

Bathhouse, 1975

This image caused controversy among Vogue readers as some saw that it looked like concentration camps or drug addicts and many pulled their subscriptions. It is probably Turbeville’s most famous photograph.

Pigalle, 1982

In describing her work to the Independent in 2006 she said,“The photographs were for fashion, but at the same time they had an ulterior motive, something more to do with the world in general.”

The Blows, 1992

Rainy Day People, 1995

Ballerina Vera Arbuzov, 1997

 Turbeville set a mood in her photos but allowed the viewer to determine what they saw. “In my pictures, you never know, that’s the mystery. It’s just a suggestion and you leave it to the audience to put what they want on it. It’s fashion in disguise.”


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