Moschino and Jeremy Scott

Moschino is an Italian luxury brand that was created by Franco Moschino It is well known for its ironic and colorful designs and its incorporation of pop culture. Moschino has used phrases such as “good taste doesn’t exist,” and “waste of money” embroidered in place of a belt. He worked alongside Gianni Versace and created the brand “Cadette” with Karl Lagerfeld before achieving his large success and popularity as a designer. Moschino once stated, “I’m not a fashion designer. I’m a painter, a decorator. I’m not the author of a new era.”

 photograph of Jeremy Scott, the current creative director of the Moschino brand

models from the 2014 fall ready-to-wear collection

In this ready-to-wear collection, Jeremy Scott designed McDonalds inspired outfits, Spongebob attire, and garments draped in a variety of ways with prints of various junk food wrappers.


 model wearing a gown with print of nutrients labels and the final look of the collection


 Katy Perry wearing a Moschino sweater dress and bag

What are your thoughts on the Moschino brand and Jeremy Scott’s 2014 ready-to-wear collection?



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