All Things Denim

Denim is a dyed cotton textile, quite often dyed navy blue. In addition to the iconic blue jeans, denim can be worn in a variety of ways and washes. It is also a versatile material that can be worn with a casual outfit or dressed up for a more formal look. Here are five different ways to wear denim.

1. Denim overalls

blogger Sincerely Jules wearing distressed denim overalls from Zara with a crochet T underneath

Overalls are youthful and playful. They look great in a casual easily put together outfit, like a T shirt, overalls and converse.

2. Denim dresses

Kylie Jenner wearing a simple denim bodycon dress with socks and jellies

Spring is the perfect time for dresses especially any silhouette of jean dress, from a babydoll dress to shift dress.

3. High-rise cut-off shorts

Candice Swanepoel in Alberceque cutoff shorts and taupe snake boots

Any pair of jean shorts look good with a peasant or crop top.

4. Vintage jean jackets

girl wearing jean jacket with patches and gold and silver studs

Vintage jean jackets are fun and customizable by adding any patches or embroidery to it. Depending on your style, you go wear your jacket with a punk look by adding a plaid skirt and Doc Martens.

5. Vintage boyfriend jeans

girl wearing rolled up boyfriend jeans with stud flats a leather belt and cardigan

Boyfriend jeans have a baggy loose fit and create a tomboy, modern vibe. They are great for a comfortable casual outfit.


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